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In honour of Hockney: the DigiNorm

So three days into the blog and already I’m jetting off and finding the editorship of a Daily difficult to achieve away from the wireless comforts of the Daily Norm head office. So as I was sat on a flight to Spain today (a few norms in tow, playing dominoes together in my bag) playing with my iPad and finding it ever so slightly limited in airplane mode, I decided to go all Hockney and play with the application ‘Brushes’. Hockney swears by it. He creates (or can one say ‘paints’?) a new iPad painting/picture on a daily basis, sending them round to the lucky few recipients who no doubt pass them on to countless friends who can then boast of having an original Hockney in their inbox. While this poses a justifiable question mark over the value of a digital image which can be mass produced an infinite number of times, it is easy to understand why Hockney loves this new medium – the luminescence of the backlit iPad screen is something which no conventional canvas can boast, no matter how well lit from in front. Hockney recently had an exhibition of his iPad works in Paris, and more will be on show, I gather, in his blockbuster expo at the Royal Academy in the new year. Any how, it was with this in mind that I doodled myself today and have to admit, with a bit of patience, it’s a pretty cool medium, especially in this new digital age. So in advancing the spirit of the Norms’ regeneration in the digital age, I present to you my first iPad painting… The DigiNorm!

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