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Introduction to the Norms Part I: Kelsen’s Theory of Normativity

I’ve already said that my Norms first emerged from the strange depths of my imagination in a law lecture when, no doubt, I should have been focusing on other things. As even the brightest law student will tell you, it isn’t always easy to concentrate in law lectures, especially when the subject is jurisprudence, where the very idea of legal philosophy fills most budding lawyers with abject horror, and then, inevitably, boredom. One such lecture introduced us to the legal theorist Hans Kelsen, who’s Pure Theory of Law (“Reine Rechtslehre”) has become a staple of jurisprudential study and was itself a radical modernist legal theory when first published in 1934. Like most legal theorists, Kelsen was trying to establish why law is what it is, how it works, why it is obeyed, and what it says about us as a society, our moral compass and the importance (if any) of religion as a backbone to society’s legal machinery. All fairly irrelevant questions you may think: The law is what the law is and that’s that. And you may be right – it’s certainly a question that went through my mind on a number of occasions when I first started studying jurisprudence. But the subject throws up some very interesting questions which make for a fascinating dinner table conversation, even for the most unwitting philosopher. Read more

Welcome to the Daily Norm!

Welcome to the Daily Norm, a daily exploration through Normville, the world of the Norms, the little white blobs who have pervaded my artistic output for some years. Through this blog, I hope to introduce you to the lives and times of these blobby little creatures, where they can be found, who’s who in the world of the Norm, and what they’re thinking too.

Norms began as small sketches in my law degree notes, filling my pages where no doubt there should have been complex legal observations and academic discussion. In 2006 they made it onto the canvas, and the first collection of norms I painted sold out in one night. They reappeared briefly in 2008, but haven’t been painted since. Following popular demand, the Norms are back, and this time, they’re venturing into cyberspace! So please follow this blog, and let the norms provide you with a little daily diversion. Also be sure to check the sales section of the site regularly, so that you too can bring a little bit of Norm magic into your home.

Norm you later,

Nick (Editor/ Artist)