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Life Drawing: my first (presentable) nude

As well as discovering the joy of printmaking, I’ve spent the last few weeks attending once-weekly life drawing evening classes at Chelsea College of Art in London. Because I’m a self-trained artist, I really notice the gaps that exist at the foundations of my artistic ability. This is more noticeable when I attempt to draw or paint scenes of people. Give me a sitter and I can paint their portrait no problem. But ask me to draw a figure out of thin air, and a rounded blobby Norm is the best you’ll get.

So this year I enrolled in a life drawing class to try and fill in the gaps of my basic training. And after 5 weeks in the attempt, I have finally drawn a nude which I don’t want to chuck straight in the bin.


It’s far from accomplished, and very clearly unfinished (our time was limited – this is the stage I got to after about 45 minutes in the attempt). But I am delighted that finally I have been able to draw something which at least resembles the human form.

Which just goes to show, practice makes (closer to) perfect.