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Mallorca Moments: Sunday stroll to Portixol

It’s funny how quickly one becomes accustomed to routine and habit; how we as humans are drawn to certain patterns and securities. I suppose it is what makes us who we are – knowing that there is a certain structure in place around which the greater vicissitudes of life can gain some stability. And I am no exception. For despite what has been a huge move from London to Mallorca, including a complete change of career, language, society and goodness knows what else, I have still found myself falling into new structures which help to normalise this big transformation.

Chief among them has been my Sunday stroll to Portixol. A little port lying just East of Palma’s city centre, it is only a short 30 minute walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it couldn’t be more different. With small story fishermen’s cottages, pastel coloured facades, and of course an enviable position directly next to the Mediterranean sea, Portixol has all of the charm and charisma of a typical seaside village with the most laid back of sensibilities.


This makes Portixol the perfect place to dine, wine and recline, and with the number of cosy restaurants and bars lining the waterfront, it is no wonder that the port has become our perfect Sunday retreat. And should all the food become a little too much for the good old new year’s dieting resolutions, there is a real spirit of the great outdoors about the port, as its ample paseo maritimo is used by joggers, cyclists and rollerbladers alike.

So here in Palma, Sunday morning has a new morning: Coffee on the beach, a stroll along the seafront, a continuous view back to the glorious cathedral and ahead, the food destination of Portixol a mere half hour away. It’s another of those Mallorca Moments that makes my new life in the Balearics such a daily joy.

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Sunny Sunday Morning

Fresh pastries, a pot of aromatic earl grey tea, the Sunday paper packed with supplements on culture and style and food, fruit juice sparkling as the sun throws long shadows across my little city balcony, a sun which finally possesses sufficient strength to cut through the chilly stubborn wintery air which has dogged the UK weather for the last 6 months. Spring has arrived, my balcony is getting green, and surrounded by newly potted plants purchased from a little garden centre squeezed politely alongside North Dulwich’s train station, my partner and I sat down yesterday morning to a Sunny Sunday morning. Every day should begin this way, but as today’s sardine-squished tube journey has reminded me, very few do. Hence why I felt it only appropriate to share the momentous morning that kicked off yesterday’s Sunday so well, instilling hope into us both that the Summer is on its way.

DSC07425 DSC07440 DSC07439 DSC07438 DSC07434

Wishing you all a good week 🙂