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The Daily Norm: Proud winner of three new blogging awards

It may be award season in the glitzy world of film, but here on WordPress, it appears that bloggers alike have become festooned with an abundantly generous spirit in not only reading The Daily Norm, but nominating it for three separate awards. In the last few weeks I have been humbled and overawed by the kindness and generosity of the following bloggers who each nominated me for a different blogging award:

Jackie Paulson for the Hope Unites Globally “HUG” Award

Anonparis for the Versatile Blogger Award 

Joy Returns for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

And since on WordPress, nominations mean an instantaneous win of the award in question, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those bloggers, and indeed all of my followers, for your amazing loyalty and interest in my blog. The Daily Norm takes a surprising amount of time to write and compile, quite asides from the time spent in painting new Norm works and making Norm sketches especially to share with you all. But your “likes”, comments and now totally unexpected awards make it all worth it. Since starting the blog back in November last year, I’ve had an incredible 38,000 hits and now have over 250 followers. It’s been an amazing start, and the blog provides me with an undeniably precious outlet for my creativity in a world, and indeed a city (London) where the creative spirit can become so easily subdued by the humdrum of ordinary life. Thank you all therefore for giving me a reason to blog. Long may it continue!

Now all of the three awards have slightly different approaches to what I am supposed to do upon receipt. All three require me to reveal certain hitherto unknown facts about myself, and to nominate other bloggers for these awards. Well, I admit, I am going to cheat somewhat in combining my response to the three awards, but since I have already undertaken the full process once already (when I received a Versatile Blogger Award last year) I don’t want to bore you all with what could become a rambling autobiography! I have therefore decided to compile a list of some of my “favourite things” a la Sound of Music, and then I will nominate a few of my favourite bloggers for each award respectively.

My Favourite Things

Detail of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Favourite City – as regular followers of my blog will know, I am pretty much obsessed with Paris. But there is another city which fills my heart in equal measure – Barcelona. It’s a city which offers so much – a magnificent selection of modernist architecture from the likes of Antoni Gaudi, a picturesque gothic quarter, a vibrant fast-paced modern shopping district, a scenic port and a wide expansive beach – what more could you want, asides from great art, great restaurants and chic hotels, all of which Barcelona has in abundance.

Favourite Hotel – asides from the amazing Hotel Estheréa which was recently the highlight of my stay in Amsterdam, the other hotel which wowed was the EME Catedral Hotel in Seville. From it’s incredible situation bang opposite Seville’s gothic masterpiece cathedral, this hotel exudes moorish chic inside and out, with little pools of water covered with floating petals, contemporary bedroom decor and a pool-topped roof terrace to die for.

Favourite Café – It’s got to be Cappuccino Grand Café, either one of their picturesque Mallorca branches, or the stunningly situated branch in Marbella.

Favourite Restaurant – Again in Marbella – Restaurante Messina – a place exuding style – its degustacion menu presents an evening full of culinary delight but not at back-breaking prices.

Favourite Artist – This isn’t an easy question, and as an artist myself, it’s one I get asked fairly frequently. I think it has to be Salvador Dali, whose works are so technically brilliant, but whose incredibly comprehensive imagination pervades all of his works giving them a superb originality which hasn’t, in my opinion, been topped since. Generally speaking, my favourite artists tend to emanate from Spain (I also adore El Greco and Velazquez) although self-trained Henri Rousseau is also a huge favourite.

Favourite Painting – Again, this is a difficult one to pin down, but I think if I was forced to choose, it would have to be Las Meninas by Velazquez (housed in Madrid’s El Prado)- an iconic work for all the right reasons, but it is only when you see it in person that you can appreciate the startling use of light and shadow, as well as a brilliant composition and superb characterisation. Second place probably goes to another star of Madird, Guernica, by Picasso, while third place has to be Bar at the FoliesBergère by Manet, thankfully kept here in London.

Las Meninas, Velazquez (1656)

Favourite Icon – Frida Kahlo, self-trained Mexican artist, is a true inspiration to me, not least the way she used her art to channel her feelings of pain and despair throughout a lifetime of disability, always managing to look on the positives and create works out of pain which are still bursting with colour and vitality.

Favourite Food – White chocolate desserts

Favourite Drink – earl grey tea!

Favourite Music – lounge/jazz

Favourite Author – Carlos Ruiz Zafon – author of masterpieces such as Shadow of the Wind and Angels Game – I can’t wait for his next work to be published!

And the award goes to…

HUG Award

The HUG Award has very strict criteria as to what kind of blogs deserve this award. My nomination goes to Joy Returns – this is a very touching blog which seeks to change people’s perception of widows. It certainly seems to unite hope globally, and therefore seems highly suitable for this nomination.

Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to nominate the following excellent blogs which I follow regularly

MJ Springett – nature photohrapher

Photobotos – an amazing new photo, everyday

Conceptual art – frequently reblogging the work of other artists, this is a great blog to visit regularly to see what’s going on in the wordpress art scene

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

These blogs have inspired me in my day to day life, so who better to nominate:

Beautiful hello – a beautiful blog about art

All About Lemon – a brilliant blog about all things creative

Enjoy my adventure – Norwegian designer, living in Portugal

And, finally, a superb non-wordpress blog written by my dear friend Celia: Lady Aga  – a fantastic blog which places gastronomy where it ought to be – straight in our hearts. Check it out!

Ok this rambling thank you speech is now at an end. Heartfelt hanks again to all of my followers and nominators and congratulations to those I have nominated above – your blogs are fully deserving of recognition.

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  1. millie #

    Wow Nicholas! You’re like…famous now! So impressed.. many congratulations!!

    March 14, 2012
  2. Congratulations!

    March 15, 2012
  3. Thank you so much for nominating my blog! Very inspiring blogger. Ah! What an honor!

    March 16, 2012
    • delacybrown #

      My pleasure!

      March 19, 2012

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