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Autobiographical Mobile: My painting diary – Days 2-5: Bilbao and Fluffy

For those of you who are long term readers of The Daily Norm, you may remember, either from my post in which I extolled the virtues of a good teddy bear, or from their occasional appearance in my photos of daily life, that I have two very important little teddies who follow me around in my life – Bilbao, a little dog, given to me by my Partner as I came round from a rather hideous sixth leg operation semi-conscious in my hospital bed, and Fluffy, a little teddy (once far fluffier than he is now, much loved and slightly matted) who I gave to my partner as a thanks for all those bedside vigils and the much required care which followed by post-operative state. Ever since, these two little characters have been our constant companions in life, and inevitably, they have crept into my art too.

Bilbao and Fluffy, pose for their portraits

Last week I started my painting diary in what will be almost like an autobiography on canvas – a large painting which aims to explore various components of my life, past and present. Because they represent the contentment and stability of my home life, Bilbao and Fluffy are integral features of my story, and were therefore the first characters to make it onto canvas as my painting progressed to the semi-finished Mallorcan background of last week’s post, to the more detailed work which I have now started.

I thought this would take me around a day to achieve, but as I started to paint Bilbao, it soon dawned on me what a daunting undertaking it would be to paint all of his knitted body. He took me FOREVER to paint. At the end of day two I had managed to paint his head, which then floated around disconcertingly bodyless for a whole night, all the more freaky for having successfully captured that twinkle in his eye.

By the end of day three, I had done most of his body (bar one leg, the angle of which I found difficult) and his little red t-shirt (I needed to be careful this didn’t bleed into the beige of his knitting).

Bilbao was finished on day four, comme ça…

And Fluffy, thank goodness, didn’t take half as long, and I completed him, together with crumpled little ribbon, pretty swiftly on day five.

So there you have it, the painting so far, slowly progressing and presenting patience-trying technical demands from the start. Who would have thought that two cute teddies would prove to be such a painting challenge?

I leave you with a few photos of Fluffy and Bilbao in different locations throughout the world, just in case you weren’t already convinced that I am slightly eccentric.

Hoping to be able to update you with more painting progress soon. Until then…

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  1. jeannie #

    I think it’s great that you travel around with two adorable stuffed companions. I gave my boyfriend a cute stuffed moose, who we named Hugh. We used to take Hugh along on our trips and when my BF travels solo but we’ve never taken photos of him during our travels. We’ve stopped taking him on our trips. I think partially because TH does not think to pack him and perhaps or fear of leaving him behind.

    Thanks for sharing.

    September 3, 2012
  2. jeannie #

    Not sure if my comments published but really enjoyed the photos of your traveling companions. My BF has a moose named Hugh, which I gave him. Hugh used to accompany us on our trips though we never thought to take pictures of Hugh at our destinations.

    September 6, 2012
    • Hey, I’m sorry, your previous comment got lost in a load of link requests I had for the article so I’m glad you wrote again! So glad you used to indulge in the joys of a travelling companion too 🙂 It’s true that like you I am worried to death that I may leave them somewhere or that my bag might get snatched with them inside! Still, what is life if not a little risky! Thanks a lot for your support.

      September 8, 2012

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