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Norms at Cappuccino Pollença

Having spent Easter in Mallorca and the last subsequent weeks indulging in every cherished memory of my time on the island, it’s only right that I should send the Norms out to experience the very same island paradise in my wake. Now Norms are very unassuming fellows – you’d barely even notice them if you came across a bunch on a busy street – but what they do like is a bit of quality, and a fair dose of hedonistic indulgence at that. And despite not actually having noses, these friendly little blobs have a real nose for the good things in life.

It’s hardly surprising then that no sooner had the Norms landed in Mallorca than they headed straight for the stunning little elysian port of Pollença. And of course having found themselves in this natural little harbour, with its picture-perfect and utterly unique fusion backdrop of sparkling cerulean sea and imposing mountains stretching along the horizon, it’s only right that they should have headed straight for the real gem of the port – the café to see and be seen, the inexorably chic, perfectly located, exceptionally stylish café that names itself after the sumptuous frothy coffee which we know and love – Cappuccino Grand Café.

Norms at Cappuccino Pollença (2013, © Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, pen on paper)

Norms at Cappuccino Pollença (2013, © Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, pen on paper)

Sat on the very edge of the perfect marina, waited upon by faultless waiters decked in crisp white shirts, black arm bands and always a winning smile (Norms smile with their eyes, I should point out), listening to the mellifluous relaxed soundtrack compiled by resident DJ Pepe Link, lunching upon super-fresh sushi and an oozing creamy banoffee pie, and perfectly located to gaze in wonder at the stunning harbour-side views, what Norm could ask for more? I have a feeling these Norms could be at Cappuccino for some time…

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