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The Daily Norm’s Photo of the Week – Summer harvest in November

It’s been a rather heavy week on The Daily Norm. With my latest artistic output exploring the themes of my brother-in-law’s loss, I could not share these new paintings with you without exploring the meaning behind the images. But with the door hopefully closing on that tragedy, as I pursue instead the happiness which will, I hope, come with a hearty autumn and a celebratory festive season for 2013, I thought I would end this week with a lighter touch. Yep, this week’s Daily Norm Photo of the Week is actually a couple of photos, straight from my autumn balcony.

DSC08563 DSC08567

You wouldn’t know that these photos were only taken last weekend, on a fresh November morning, but these reddening olives and my sun-drenched brugmansia are actually the last remnants of the summer still holding strong on my balcony as the cold sets in. Checking out our plants after the ravaging storms of late, Dominik and I were delighted to find that after a summer of hard labour, our olive tree has born fruit – and not just the green olives to be expected, but plump olives slowly turning a sultry shade of red. Surely olive oil chez de Lacy is to follow? Then over to the right of the olive tree, my magnificent Brazilian Brugmansia is past its summer’s glory, dropping a little as it soaks in as much warmth from the wintery sun as it can, but it’s peach-sunset edges and vibrant green leaves shine still full of the balmy promise of summer. Ahhh, those were the days.

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  1. maru clavier #

    Good effort that of yuor olive tree! I like its leaves -color and shape- so much!

    November 8, 2013
  2. Nicholas,

    First, condolences on your loss. I know quite well the weight of a heavy heart, as I’ve been dealing with the same concerning the loss of my mother earlier in the summer.

    It’s symbolic that this time comes close to year’s end, as the life around us matures, withers, and then succumbs to the harsh coldness of winter. But the promise of new life in spring gives hope and reminds us to soldier on.

    And the pic of the brugmansia is lovely. An angel’s trumpet, is it not? Also very symbolic. Thanks, and peace be with you..


    November 8, 2013

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