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Prague (Part 6): Photoblog Epilogue

My closing photographic miscellany of my series of Prague posts is all about variety. From crunchy caramelised pretzels, hung out on cafe table to further tempt diners, and a troop of soldiers, dressed up in baby blue, to spooky looking decapitated dolls and a stack of dusty old film reels on a staircase in the Golden Lane, this is a selection of photos that bear no common thread other than the fact that they are some of the smaller little details that can be found in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Amongst the shots on show are what have become something of a staple in my photographic oeuvre: street lamps aplenty and reflections in glass; fancy ironwork and keyholes, and shadows cast onto a sunny wall. But here too are some of the more typical views which a tourist may seek to capture on their handheld: the unbroken expanse of the grand Wenceslas Square and the astronomical clock set upon the face of the old town hall tower, its moving apostles and little model bell-tollers delighting tourists on the hour, every hour.

DSC07533DSC07365DSC07143 DSC06389 DSC06474

And so with this post, I bid my farewell to Prague. My experience of the city was not always great – the feeling that I was more of a nuisance to locals than a welcome guest always pervaded my experience leaving me slightly on edge and unable to enjoy the city to the full. But there’s no denying the rich historical beauty which the city exudes from its every glamourous feature and facade, and for that alone, it’s worth the trip.

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