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A sheepish way to wish you a Happy Easter

Besides the obvious religious connotations of the festival of Easter, for those both faithful and otherwise Easter has come to mark the beginning of Spring: a time for new beginnings, when yellow daffodils wave about gleefully in a sunny Spring breeze, when the days of hope-bringing light get longer, and when animals of every type and breed start multiplying their little flock as they give birth to froglets and lambs, piglets and kittens, puppies and calfs and chicks.

DSC09921 DSC09799 DSC09884 DSC09920 DSC09784 DSC09904 DSC09674

So I couldn’t think of a better way to wish everyone a Happy Easter this sunny (at least here in Mallorca) Easter Sunday than by sharing just a few of a plethora of sheep and lamb photos I have collected on my various Mallorquin adventures this Spring. There is something about the scraggy sheep of Mallorca which fascinates me. It’s something about their wild nature, the vast biblical landscapes in which they reside, and that most calming of harmonies which resonates from the bells moving gently around their neck, that just keeps me captivated and utterly in love.

DSC00867 DSC09792 DSC09937 DSC09933 DSC00870 DSC09857 DSC09809 DSC09764 DSC09699

So these photos show some of my favourite Mallorca residents as they hop around vast mountainous scenery eating whatever delicious green shoot they find in their wake. Here you will not only see the cute lambs of Spring, but also the hardy parents whose marvellous moth-eaten wooly coats and bony bare heads are for me the very epitome of Mallorca. Happy Easter!

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