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Discovering Mallorca: The divine delights of Deia’s mountainous heights

I count myself as really quite lucky to have seen some spectacular places in my short life. True, I have rarely ventured beyond Europe, but within its boarders, I have enjoyed incredible sights such as the stunning craggy cliffs of Capri, the wonderfully intact historical citadel of Dubrovnik, the romantic watery paradise of Venice, and the city of light, Paris. But none of the aforementioned or indeed so many of the other places I have been wowed by in life have ever taken my breath away quite as much as the tiny village of Deia on Mallorca’s north western coast.

Set within the craggy heights of the UNESCO protected Tramuntana mountain range, and in the shadow of the island’s second talest mountain, the mighty Teix, Deia is a village which enjoys a unique location, clinging to a rounded hill within a vast mountainous cluster which in itself is only metres from a plunge down to a crystal clear turquoise coastline. Famous for being the village to host many an artist, famous celebrity (Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Richard Branson amongst them) and world-renowned writers (Robert Graves being the one to really place Deia on the map), there can be no guessing why this tiny settlement has attracted so many prominent and creative people over the years. Its scenery is other-wordly, as the village nestles amongst mountains so high that clouds collect along their slopes as though hiding the way to a real Mount Olympus – home to the gods. Meanwhile, on those fertile terraced slopes, an abundance of greenery including a vast bounty of citrus trees fills the air with such floral freshness that even breathing becomes a pleasure.

DSC00944 DSC00955 DSC00932 DSC00952 DSC00934

I could go on about Deia forever, and I am certainly keen to apply this magical place to canvas. But for now I shall leave you with a few photos of the village – pictures which, to my mind, fail to do the mystical wonder of this place justice, but which at least give you an idea of just how idyllic an old village in Mallorca can get. I give you Deia: paradise sitting on the slopes of an almost authentic Mount Olympus.

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