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The Daily Norm Photo of the Week: Mountain Goat

Mallorca’s mountains are full of goats. Little bouncing hairy goats, roaming the mountain plains in herds and on their own, and reaching the dizzying heights of cliffs and precipices, seemingly able to balance on the most precarious of terrain. I love the goats of Mallorca. Almost everywhere we have gone in the Tramuntana mountains, they have been a feature, whether it be avoiding a near collision on a mountain road, or watching a family of little kids gently baaaahing their way around an undulating pasture.

This week’s Daily Norm photo focus is one such Mallorquin mountain resident who posed so elegantly in this photo, with his two chocolatey dark eyes staring straight into the lens of my camera, that I could not help but make him a feature. Wild and timid by nature, there was something deeply satifying about photographing this marvellous animal at such close quarters – a rare and intimate moment captured in the most stunning of Mallorca’s landscapes.


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