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A homage to the Olive Tree

If I were a poet, now would be the time to lapse into a suitably poetical homage to what I consider to be one of the most beautiful trees on the earth: the olive tree. And I should know, for living now on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, I find myself surrounded by them. And yet poetry has never been my strong point, hard as I might try, but happily I always have my camera, and a photographic homage is surely apt adulation for a tree which is, after all, so visibly magnificent.

DSC08622 DSC04153 DSC04123 DSC04137 DSC04147 DSC04141 DSC08640 DSC05355 DSC04150 DSC04130

Whether they be young trees cultivated in long lines for the mass production of their oil, or the stunning old trees whose every twist and turn and ancient nook and cranny tells a thousand stories of its longevity on the earth, olive trees are a veritable feast for the eyes. Every tree is so different, and the older they get, the more whimsically sculptural their trunks become – like the creation of the maddest surrealist or the most imaginative fantastical painter. And amongst leaves of near-silver, plump fruit of purple and green, and sometimes even a polished lacquered black are the perfect product of so complex and beautiful a tree.

DSC08617 DSC04138 DSC04157 DSC08626 DSC04139 DSC04142 DSC04161 DSC04122 DSC08951 DSC04144

So with photos taken across Mallorca, this is my homage to the olive tree.

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  1. cvnadagroup2017 #

    this is the amazing tree on the word… many benefit….specially to the human healthy…

    May 13, 2015
  2. sigismundfedur96 #

    lovely words and images – before there was poetry, poets venerated the olive tree

    May 18, 2015

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