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Mallorca’s ultimate eden: The Son Viscos Bed & Breakfast

Many may smirk when the inhabitants of paradise complain, but even we locals of Mallorca know when enough is enough. And having lived now for almost two months of temperatures in excess of 35 degrees, every so often, one just has to get away from it all. Nothing extreme mind you – I’m not talking the 20 degrees drop which a visit to London may entail, but rather a drive up into the stunning Tramuntana mountains where, at night at least, the air is notably fresher than city life in Palma and sumptuously comfortable. And as this very hot weather happened to coincide with my 32nd birthday (yesterday!) it seemed like the perfect excuse to treat ourselves a little, and book a little night away in a cooler, lusher paradise.

The location we chose could not have been more perfect. Located in the footfalls of the Tramuntana in the valley which gives the magical town of Valldemossa its name, the Son Viscos Bed and Breakfast was like a home from home, but we’re talking the kind of home which only the most avid readers of interior design magazines could wish for.

Interiors of the Son Viscos

DSC00407 DSC00374 DSC00413 DSC00507 DSC00369 DSC00510 DSC00424 DSC00372 DSC00373 DSC00381 DSC00367

Owned by the proprietors of the popular interior design store, Mosaic, located in cool Santa Catalina in Palma, the Son Viscos hotel is a euphoria of design harmony, with understated muted tones and natural woods offsetting perfectly amongst carefully chosen rustic antiques and ceramic items. The west-facing kitchen, which was flooded with light in the afternoon, and filled with a bounteous feast of the freshest breakfast produce in the morning, was the beating heart of a guesthouse which maintained all of the characteristics of the most welcoming of family homes.

The Son Viscos garden

DSC00389 DSC00533 DSC00398 DSC00396 DSC00388 DSC00485 DSC00382 DSC00434

Our room, the Menta suite, offered the very best of comfort with a lavish but pared down minimalist wooden four poster bed, together with haphazardly placed original art, design arm chairs and super soft towels. Flooded with light from an ample terrace, the room boasted enviable views of the Valldemossa monastery, and benefited from all of the freshness of the lush mountains opposite.

And it was precisely that fresh air which so loving nurtured us as we settled down for our night at the Son Viscos, finally able to escape the suffocating heat which had tampered with our dreams for months. Waking enlivened and refreshed, we had yet more pleasures to discover, for opposite the Son Viscos, the hotel’s extensive grounds extended to sun dappled woods hugging the side of the valley, and included fresh water streams, ancient moorish mills and even a dainty stone bridge which had more than survived the tests of time.

The Son Viscos’ sumptuous grounds

DSC00618 DSC00535 DSC00588 DSC00566 DSC00486DSC00549 DSC00521 DSC00532 DSC00550 DSC00586 DSC00580 DSC00579 DSC00525 DSC00612 DSC00600

The Son Viscos hotel was frankly an experience in a million, for its meticulously conceived design, its perfectly bucolic location, and for the sheer welcoming comfort it offered. As I sit here now, back in hot Palma, recounting my time there I long to return. Something tells me it won’t be long.

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  1. oh i love mallorca so much! palma was fun but driving around and visiting the fishing towns on the coast was my favorite.. and the baked goods… THE best. Great snaps!

    August 3, 2015
  2. maru clavier #

    As usual, your touch to capture details is fascinating. this is a beautiful walk through a beautiful place.
    Happy belated Birthday!

    August 5, 2015
    • Thank you! It was a lovely birthday, spent in Malaga… More on that soon! 😘

      August 5, 2015
  3. Nicholas, muchisimas gracias por tu delicadeza hacia nosotros, y por esas fotos preciosísimas que has hecho de Son Viscos.

    August 11, 2015
  4. Hola Nicholas, ya veo que hiciste caso de recomendación que te hice en la Fiesta de Primavera de Cappuccino y me alegro mucho de que os ha gustado Son Viscós. Es una maravilla, tanto por el lugar, como por el calor humano de Isabel, Nick y María y, para mi, sin duda uno de los mejores lugares para “perderse en Mallorca” :))

    August 11, 2015
    • Hola!! Si si, que bien tu recomendación!! El hotel es un paradiso total… como una casa, con decoración spectacular y jardines sin igual. Muchas gracias!!! Un abrazo y saludos!

      September 3, 2015

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