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Sunday Supplement: Fish in Four Quadrants

The humble goldfish has filled many a household with a splash of orange and a friendly face in the morning. However my experience with goldfish hasn’t been great. My first twosome, Gucci and Versace, died after about 10 days, both found one solemn morning floating on the surface of their little tank, neither escaping the sad fate which had befallen them. My next attempt: Giorgio and Armani fell subject to the same fate, despite all of our efforts to clean their tank, feed them as appropriate, and even manage their surroundings into a beautiful catwalk of fish tank beauty as befitted their namesake. But no. Dead again.

So I put my attempts at keeping goldfish to bed, humbly accepting defeat and concentrating instead on the guinea pigs who gave me such childhood pleasure. Nonetheless, when my sister headed to university, she found herself drafted into looking after the goldfish of one of her friends until, almost by default, she became its new adopted mother. This fish, named by the family “Fish Brown” after our surname, had nonesuch the glamourous title given to my former protégés, but what this fish lacked in name, it surely made up for in nature. This was no ordinary goldfish, with swaying silky fins which wafted elegantly behind him whenever he moved. Even with a long poo hanging from his tummy, this fish looked persistently debonair. Unsurprisingly, I was inspired to paint him, but being undecided as to which pose I should concentrate on, I painted Fish Brown from four different angles, set against different backgrounds of light and shade.

My Fish in Four Quadrants was born.

Fish in Four Quadrants (2004 © Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, Acrylic on canvas)

If you like the painting and fancy a slice of Fish Brown in your own home, both this original canvas, and limited edition prints of the painting are available for sale. If you are interest in acquiring one, send me a message and I’ll give you all the details. Alternatively all of my limited edition prints are for sale via my main website Have a great Sunday!

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