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ITALIA Season – Rome: My Photographs

Rome: City of passion, where waves of heat flow ruggedly through bustling streets, where raised Italian voices and sustained hooting from haphazardly driven cars are the harmony and the melody, where painted church ceilings bring heaven to its closest interaction with the earth, and the Roman ruins all around remind the current thriving generation that on this same soil, a grand imperial history is sewn deep into the rich tapestry of Rome’s foundations. In Rome you can take a coffee in the shade of the Borghese gardens, or a people-watching cocktail by the Spanish steps. You can join the throng of tourists strolling around the Piazza Navona and the Coliseum, and you can tread the steps of Emperors as you gaze upwards to an almost fully intact Pantheon temple. Rome is living history – a city struggling to move forward while treading on the cherished egg shells of its past, but one which prioritises the Joie de Vivre, the good times, the passion of life. Rome: city of art, of colour, of culture, of style, of religious fervour, of architectural heritage, or pure Italian gastronomic brilliance. Rome – a city so unique that words alone will not suffice, and only photos, now, will do.

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  1. maru #

    I do like your urban shots, details are specially great.

    July 13, 2012
  2. Val #

    Your photos are amazing. I have just enjoyed the carousel (gallery slideshow) view of them. I love that odd little courtyard (though wonder about the logic of putting those huge pipes there – drainpipes, sewage, airvents? I’m never clear about these things), and the view up to the sky from the window (the detail under the roof eaves is amazing.) And most of all, as I’m also an artist, is the colour from the sunlight on many of the buildings. Beautiful!

    July 15, 2012
    • delacybrown #

      Many thanks Val! I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed my posts so much – it’s so good to get feedback as well – makes it all worth it. As an artist I find places like Rome truly inspirational. The colours of the houses and the contrasting shutters, the elegant shadows cast by wrought-iron street lamps, and those small details like the eaves that so many people miss – I’m a nightmare to be with on holiday because I spend my whole time looking around at all the details – just ask my partner! I just love soaking them in, and I guess some of my photography reflects that. Thanks again for the compliments!

      July 16, 2012

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