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The Daily Sketch ITALIA – Norms in Rome

Travelling southwards, down the Mediterranean coast of Tuscany and taking a sharp inland turn from Civitavecchia, the Norms have finally found themselves in the renowned capital city of Italy, the one and only Roma. And what a city it is. Crammed full of antiquity, artistic and cultural heritage from centuries of history played out within its seven famous hills. From the great Roman Empire which once ruled the western world, and the remnants of which still litter the city unapologetically, to the great Religious heritage flowing from the foundation of the Catholic Church in the nearby Vatican City, and the catholic fervour and religious architectural splendour which has no doubt resulted. With its chic café culture near the Spanish Steps, the romantic brilliance of the Trevi Fountain, and the grandeur of the “wedding cake” Altare della Patria building, Rome is a city offering everything.

For the Norms, the centre of their visit (being that Gladiator is by far their favourite film) has to be Rome’s most famous symbol, the Coliseum, the spectacular amphitheatre straight out of Ancient Rome. Not so directly linked to Rome, but inspired, nonetheless by that great age, are the tourist-touting “centurion” dressed Norms who collect outside the great arena, posing for photos for a few extra coins in their purse. This less than soldierly activity has nonetheless attracted the attention of these tourist Norms who have their photo taken with one said Centurion with the great Coliseum providing the perfect Roman backdrop, alongside a sculpture of the founders of the great city, Romulus and Remus (Norms) suckling upon their mother wolf as tradition demands. You’ve gotta love it.

Norms in Rome (2012 © Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, pen and ink on paper)

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  1. *sigh* The Norms are making me miss Italia.

    July 15, 2012
  2. Val #

    I’m a bit sad as the Norms don’t have mouths. Do they telepath? And how did they eat spaghetti or drink wine while they were in Italy?

    July 15, 2012
    • delacybrown #

      Be not afeared Val! Norms can indulge in all of the pleasantries Italy has to offer… Norms do have mouths for the consumption of food, but they only appear when needed, like little holes appearing in sand only to be swallowed up again when needs have been satisfied. Meanwhile, communication-wise, Norms have a language of their own, much like Dolphin sonar, but which sounds to us like a bubbly grunting noise. It can get squelchy too when they’re cross.

      July 16, 2012

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