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Wonderful Wimbledon: strawberries, cream and a place to be seen

I interrupt this ambrosial Amalfi story to sneak a peak at the sweet verdant lands and the rolling hills of summertime England, where far away from the sun-baked mountains of the mediterranean, different peaks are being climbed – peaks of physical fitness and sporting prowess when the world’s best tennis stars come together for the ultimate in tennis championships, the creme de la creme of all tournaments: Wimbledon.

Wednesday may have been a grey day for British tennis, when national hopeful Andy Murray was chased out of the championships in a depressing straight-set defeat, but above the perfectly manicured lawns of centre-court where I was lucky enough to be a spectator all day, the skies shone a vivid blue, and all around the many courts of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, the glamourous and chic of high society perambulated in their finery, clutching glasses of lansen champagne in one hand and a tub of the traditional Wimbledon accompaniment of strawberries and cream in the other.

DSC04290 DSC04276 DSC04406 DSC04272 DSC04286

For even those few who do not get caught up in the all-encompassing excitement of riveting rallies and tense tie-breakers, Wimbledon is an unmissable event of the season. With a ground filled with perfectly manicured floral blooms in the championship colours of green and purple, when styled summer frocks and panama hats get an airing, and some of the world’s best players and celebrity spectators gather together, Wimbledon is surely the high point of the British summer, when the tennis loving crowds include even the royals themselves – why yesterday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Wills and Kate) were in attendance.

DSC04444 DSC04509 DSC04371

Naturally, while I rode the emotional wave of highs and lows that came with watching Murray’s defeat and Federer’s later quarter final victory, I also felt happily immersed in the high-flying excitement of the entire Wimbledon experience, and these photos are testament to the day we had. As with the good english weather, these two weeks of Wimbledon are a transient experience – so like me, I hope you will enjoy the brief interlude of Wonderful Wimbledon while you can.

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  1. AR #

    I never knew that about strawberries and cream. It’s a lovely dish. I tend to take it with a few raspberries tossed in. (Meanwhile, any sporting event I will ever be able to attend will mainly offer hot-dogs. Plegh.)

    Thanks for sharing! It’s like a vitamin shot or something. My middle name, after my mother’s maiden name, is ‘Asby,’ apparently after an English village of origin. Names function as a sort of parental blessing, don’t you think? Anyway, I’ve turned out to be a devoted anglophile.

    July 4, 2014
    • Ah! In which case you simply have to attend Wimbledon – it’s so typical of the English society summer I adore it! Strawberries and cream is the archetypal English dish – not a hotdog in sight! My middle name is James. Not sure what it did for me in the long run but it feels noble. Maybe that has inspired my general behaviours in someway…

      July 5, 2014
      • AR #

        That sounds wonderful.Maybe I’ll do that one of these years. I was thinking about seeking to be published in the UK rather than in the US… not certain but it seems like my style might be a better match. If that ever happens it might be a good opportunity to finally visit England.

        James… yes, you could talk about the heritage of that name for weeks at a time if you were so inclined. The most prominent historical figures alone would suggest princely dignity, subtlety, austerity, loyalty, royalty, and patronage, for starters.

        Nicholas is very strong, though – generosity, love of the sea, and love of children being the most notable characteristics of the most prominent historical Nicholas. 🙂

        July 8, 2014

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