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The Daily Norm’s Photo of the Week: Killer Bee!

Taking a winning photograph is very often more a matter of luck than intention, although that is not to say that compositional planning is not a crucial element to creating the right balance and backdrop for the image. So while I was content with composing a photograph of the fragrant purple lavender bushels which were lining the steep hilly path up to the ruins of the Chateau of Les Baux de Provence, I had no idea that in amongst the lavender in the photograph which would result, I would capture this quite brilliant image of a bee in full flight.

It was with gleeful surprise therefore that I looked back through my photographs of the day and found this little beauty, the furry bumble bee looking as though he is making straight for the viewer, almost like a war plane ready to pounce. The perfect symmetry of his wings spread sideways and his legs poised to land on some nearby flower make for an incredible and quite unique view of the humble bee going about its business. But the very symmetricality of his poise and the very definite forceful way with which the bee appears to be flying gives the whole image a sense of violence, putting the viewer in the anticipation of some forthcoming battle of the flowers. One of my favourite photos of my Provence trip, and definitely worthy of The Daily Norm’s Photo of the Week spot.

Photo of the week 2

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  1. what an amazing shot !!!

    August 7, 2013
  2. Amazing! Having been trying to photograph bees myself I know how difficult it is – but addictive. Have just done a blog post on bees if you are interested.

    August 10, 2013

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