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Málaga | Part 3 – Photographic Miscellany

Oh vivid Málaga, city of Mediterranean light, upon whose sandy shores the sun shines bright, casting its yellow glow across fading evening skies, and in paint on the facades of its insuperably elegant streets. Málaga is a city upon which the embrace of nature has not been scared off by the growth of civilisation; as abundant botanic gardens overhang paths perfect for strolling, and the sea air wafts into the hot shopping streets. It is a city where both big and small co-exist in perfect harmony: the vast one-armed cathedral and the tiny new pink growths of a tropical baby plant; the large public plazas and the tiny winding streets of the city’s oldest district. And like so many of Spain’s great cities, Málaga is another whose buildings have been sprinkled with the wand of architectural elegance, as the glass plated balconies and curled wrought iron details of the Modernista era have found their place so comfortably in this most Southern of cities, offsetting 1920s western refinement against the robust remains of the Moorish East.

DSC06005 DSC06207 DSC05961 DSC05783 DSC06023_2

Málaga is a city so rich in photographic inspiration that in a mere 24 hours in the city, I managed to capture some 500 shots on my camera. Don’t worry – I’m not planning to bore you with them all here, but below are 33 of my favourites: From graceful street lamps and multi-coloured facades, to tranquil moorish gardens and the paper lanterns of a small street fiesta – here are my memories of Málaga on camera.

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  1. maru clavier #

    How many times have I said I enjoyed your urban captures, but also your love for gardens and floral elements, and your apprecitive approach to food? Many times, but here I go again… there are so many views and details to admire in the way you captured details in Malaga, The photos in the three posts are good, very good. Once again… thanks. 😉

    August 24, 2013
    • And once again thanks to you – love hearing your feedback, as always. Gracias!

      August 27, 2013

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