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The Daily Norm Photo of the Week: Capri Lizard

Poking his head up over the rough dusty ground of Capri, is a sly little lizard, eyes fixed on the viewer who finds him. His tongue sticks out slightly from his shiny scaled face, but still his eyes stay fixed on yours, as behind that steely gaze, a tiny mind calculates whether it is better to flee or attack. Yet in the apparent calm of his contemplation, who would have known that right behind him was a vertiginous drop, several hundred metres down to the crystal blue sea of the Mediterranean. 

This week’s Daily Norm photo of the week features a very mischievous little lizard, caught in a moment of fleeting movement as this incredible scaly creature ran alongside the edge of a sharp cliff edge plunging down to the sea alongside the vast limestone Arco Naturale in Capri. Despite their not insignificant population in this hot rocky land of Capri, many of whom would be caught in the corner of an eye scattering across our path, it’s always difficult to capture a lizard up close – after all, they move at the speed of lightening, and usually into the shade away from human sight. And that is why I was so pleased to have captured this image – a fleeting glimpse into this speedy creature’s life. 


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  1. Lovely photo! Lizards are so hard to take photos of as they run away so quickly!

    August 5, 2014

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