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Friends, food and fancy: The Sensational Season of Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy, for every little girl and every boy… so go the words (or variations thereof) which pepper the variety of children’s stories written around the theme of Christmas; stories like Snug and Serena at the Rose and Crown and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, where a child’s eyes are widened in anticipation of the pure excitement of the season, and of course a visit from Santa, while at the centre of those stories, families gather in social spirit, to make joy and be merry at Christmas time. Happily for most, the warming conviviality of the Christmas season is not just something confined to the pages of a children’s story, and just as soon as the festive season comes upon us, so too do the party invites begin flying out to all and sundry.

This year has been a particularly manic one for me, with some 8 parties attended over the last 7 days alone, many of which left me wanting in the sleep stakes, but very much over-indulged in food and wine. But the one thing that struck me across all of the parties, weddings, dinners and lunches I attended was the overwhelming capacity of the season to bring people together in happiness and appreciation, the opportunity for guilt-free indulgence, and the occasion to reconnect with friends and colleagues who the busyness of the year has kept apart.

DSC09636DSC09648 IMG_5692 DSC09698

This post, and these photos pay homage to the delightful jovialities of the season, the latter manifesting as often blurred shots taken in the low lights of winter, but all the more atmospheric, at least to my mind, as a result. Here are my photos of the flickering candles which so effectively create the intimate setting for a chilled party or dinner; the pecan pie which the delectable Cassandra made from caramelising crème fraiche; the purple lit ice rink of Somerset House buzzing with whizzing skaters; the Christmas tree silhouetted against a rosy morning sky. Here too are the jellies and desserts which make us happy and fat; the gingerbread man sat upon a burst of fresh Christmas foliage; the fairy lights, the cheese board, the gifts under the tree; the red leaves, the boxed panettone, the friends who make me happy.

This is Christmas…and I love it!

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  1. maru clavier #

    ‘Time to reconnect’ I like the idea of meeting people we like but we do not see often enough.
    Certainly Christmas is a good opportunity.
    Pretty festive your images… made me smile, thanks.

    December 20, 2013

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